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 Discovery Science - 95 Worlds And Counting

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Datum upisa : 10.11.2007

PočaljiNaslov: Discovery Science - 95 Worlds And Counting   Sre 19 Dec 2007 - 23:26

Go where the real action is... the moons! Once dismissed as insignificant ice balls, we now know they are anything but boring. Imagine the most explosive world in the solar system, producing more heat than anything but the sun. That's Jupiter's fireball of a moon Io, which is exploding before our eyes. Try to picture a geyser blasting 5 miles high in the furthest reaches of the solar system, a geyser not of steam but of liquid ice. Visit Neptune's moon Triton, a world so piercingly cold that everything familiar to us on Earth, including the air, is frozen solid. And then there is Europa; a moon that may harbor the only other liquid water ocean in the solar system, an ocean that may even harbor life.

There are moons out there with atmospheres so thick, you can strap on wings and fly. There are moons so small that you wouldn't stand on them, you'd hover! Moons where you'd weigh no more than a mouse, where you can throw a ball around the entire body, and where a good jump sends you a mile and a half into the air. Imagine spelunking on a world called Phobos, scuba diving on Europa, or bungee jumping off one the solar system's largest cliffs. Spend an hour exploring the moons, and you'll never ignore them again!

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Discovery Science - 95 Worlds And Counting
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