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 BBC:The 800 Million Pound Railway Station

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Datum upisa : 09.12.2007

PočaljiNaslov: BBC:The 800 Million Pound Railway Station   Pon 24 Dec 2007 - 2:21

St Pancras station sits at the end of a massive £5.8 billion railway line- the first major British line to be built for over a century. This new series tells the story of the architects, engineers and spin doctors who entered a frantic two year race to make the Royal Opening on time. There were huge financial incentives, but many personal reputations at stake.

Episode 1: The Devil in the Detail
This episode tells the story of architect Alastair Lansley, whose expensive artistic vision unnerved the engineers.


Episode 2: Deadline
The engineers and builders are about to hit the biggest deadline on the project so far. The tracks which bring the trains into St Pancras must be moved from the east to the west side of the station, over the course of a single weekend. If they fail, the entire £5.8 billion project will be thrown off-schedule.
Meanwhile, Chief Architect Alastair Lansley receives some terrifying news that may prevent him from seeing the project through. Some strong language.


Episode 3: The Inspection
Engineers race to finish the base build of the station. Huge bonuses are at stake and if the engineers don't meet their deadline they could incur penalties of £50,000 a day until their work is finished. For 30 year old engineer Claire Clarr this is the biggest project of her career and a series of gruelling inspections will determine whether or not work on her section is signed off as complete. To add to the pressure Claire's boss Mark Allison delivers news which will change the course of her working life. This programme contains some strong language.

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BBC:The 800 Million Pound Railway Station
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