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 World's Worst Venom

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Datum upisa : 09.12.2007

PočaljiNaslov: World's Worst Venom   Ned 13 Jan 2008 - 11:43

It is one of nature's most efficient means of death. Injected into the bloodstream, it can destroy nerves, damage flesh in minutes and trigger searing pain in seconds. It is venom, a virulent biological toxin that is the weapon of choice for thousands of species. But which one is the most deadly to man? Of those creatures armed with this lethal cocktail, which is more likely to kill you? Among the world's venomous creatures there are those whose poisonous reputations are infamous, but there are many less well-known killers out there. Everything from molluscs and mammals to fish may be armed with onboard biological weapons that are one hundred percent natural and, in many cases, deadly. But when it comes to human beings, there's always been a great deal of debate as to which of these creatures presents the greatest threat. It has inspired one man to come up with a pioneering new classification system for ranking the world's most dangerous venoms. Dr Jamie Seymour, a venom biologist at the James Cook University in Queensland Australia, uses a new system to understand the different threats posed by venomous creatures on his journey to track down the World's Worst Venom.

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World's Worst Venom
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